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Waste elimination enzyme.

Bio-Ross Bio-Ross is the safe and economical alternative to conventional plumbing treatments, including chemicals and acids, that are potentially dangerous to workers, corrosive to your system and hazardous to the environment. This non-toxic and environmentally safe product uses a synergized blend of eight bacterial strains to digest and liquefy organic waste that cause blocked drains, plumbing problems and odors.

All waste that you put down your drains is biodegradable. One can of Bio-Ross contains over 900 billion organisms. This formulation far surpasses competitive products in bacterial count and the types of strains that generate the enzymes needed to effectively digest sludge, scum, grease and all other organic solids. One can of Bio-Ross contains enough material for over 100 treatments. One container will treat a 1,000 gallon septic tank.

Use on garbage disposals, drain systems, grease traps, holding tanks, industrial/municipal collection systems, ponds, lagoons and septic systems.

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